Calvary Bible College

We are proud to make available an opportunity for those who want to know God's word even better or who need a refresher course. We are now in our 10th year of offering a 3 year Bible College available for the general public. It would be a blessing and a challenge to the average church member or worker. Calvary Bible College is a satellite school of Faith Bible Institute out of Monroe, Louisiana.

What is it?

Calvary Bible College is a three year chronological study of every book of the Bible, a systematic study of every major Bible doctrine, and a topical study of many cutting edge issues facing believers today, including subjects like Evangelism, Creationism, Prophecy, and Marriage. Calvary Bible College is designed to take every Christian on a life-changing journey through every Word of the Bible.*

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about God's Holy Word, the Bible! (Students in High School must have special permission from parents to attend) Spring semester Registration is open until January 13th. The next registration time will be this Fall by August. All that is needed to get you started is an application with a $20.00 application fee. The total cost will be $150.00. To add a spouse is only $77.00 more. Classes for Spring 2017 semester will begin on January 13th, 2017. Anyone can join the class up to the second week of classes. After that you will have to wait until next semester.*

Potential Students

Calvary Bible College is a college level course designed for above average 10th graders and above! It is for New Christians as well as church leaders who would like a refresher course on the Bible. Ages of our students have varied from teenagers to those in their 70's. So if you are looking for a good discipleship course to truly learn the Bible, look no further than Calvary Bible College of Olney, Illinois. (You do not have to go to Calvary Baptist Church to attend the college, we have had many from other churches and towns join the college throughout its history). Places where some of our students have come from are: Claremount, Noble, Parkersburg, and Flora.*

*Classes will meet every Friday at 6 p.m. until end of semester. For an application call the church at 618-392-4531 and leave a clear message with your name and phone number so we can reach you.